Frankfurt STAR and VNAV possibly causing game crash

I know that messing with the VNAV altitudes can occasionally cause a game crash, and that the issue has been adressed on here, but i went ahead with this post bcs what happened to me seems like too much to be a coincidence, and hey, idk, this might help the devs fix the issue :)

From an hour ago to now, i have made 4 FPLs, for 4 flights, to try and fly to EDDF from LIRF and LIML respectively. On every atempt i made an FPL, took off, and as im climbing i start changing the VNAV altitudes in the STAR, and on all 4 occasions, my game crashes.

The crashes did not happen when editing any specific waypoint so in my opinion this could be an issue with the STAR at EDDF, since i just tried re-doing the exact same chain of events, only for an FPL to Munich, and its all working fine.

The STAR and APP in question are: EMPA4E, I07RZ

Hope this helps!

Can you make sure you are only tapping once on the altitude. This will be fixed in the next update.


Yup, i was only tapping on it once, and waiting for the window to pop up.
Though, i was clicking very rapidly through a lot of waypoints (click SET ALT, then the cancel button, to clear the assigned alt for that waypoint, and moving to the next waypoint) Maybe that had smth do to with it?

Yes, this will be fixed with the next release.

So the game only crash when you change SID/STAR/APPR altitudes but no when you change waypoint altitudes?

Yup, exactly as you said

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Great! This can be closed now, thanks for the help

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Great! I will be using waypoints instead STARs and appr meanwhile they fix that. Thx for the info!!

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