Frankfurt spotting from my plane

I was flying a United Boeing 777-300 ER and I was coming back from my trip to Switzerland/Italy and had a layover so here are a bunch of great pictures! Hope you enjoy!


Noice! There’s nothing like the international terminal at a massive airport like Frankfurt.


this livery is a criminal offense


No, your profile pic is… that American 737 winglet is a felony.

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How is it a criminal offense?

Haha! That’s funny but please don’t start a fight.

Nah was just jokin lol I’m sure I like a ton of things that’s sus to most people when it comes to aviation lol

Nice shots!!

Haha yeah, I get that it’s a joke now.

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Thanks so much!

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both are ;)

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Nah, you wanna know what’s a criminal offense?

^ This absolute whack job of a livery.


That is so true

Just the stripes honestly

Lol actually I think it’s nice

Well maybe but incorporating a plane and AA logo in a tiny circle isn’t easy

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Nice photos like the a380 did you have a good flight on the United 777?

Yeah, it was ok. The United service wasn’t good because they only treated Polaris seats while few cared for economy class.

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