Frankfurt ILS

Device: Samsung tab A7
Operating system: ILS at Frankfurt(EDDF)

Does anyone know when the ILS system at Frankfurt(FRA/EDDF) is going to be fixed ?


Unfortunately there is no time frame for the ILS to be fixed. We’re waiting upon the development of the Scenery Editor to allow us to modify the ILS position and addition onto runways. It’s just a waiting game on our end! Sorry for any inconvenience caused. :p


Alright thanks mate !

I can think of at least 3 other airports with messed up ILS systems with in IF, but until they are fixed theres always alternate navigation.
I would recommend GPS as an alternative. They are under the code “Rnav” and “Hnav” in airport STARS, an example would be “R28L” for the runway 28L at KSFO.
You can use them under IFR conditions to an extent with altitude and lateral guidance. But not precision guidance like ILS.

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Yeah, we’ll all do that. What are the other airports btw ?

Instabuel,manila, and a couple others

I don’t know about you but for me all 3 work very well. And Frankfurt is the only airport with a NOTAM concerning this problem too.😭

Also LKPR RWY 24 has problem with ILS.

If there is an issue, please create a new Support topic. This will make it easier for us to track.

You can expect about 50 different topics if thats the case

You guys shouldn’t rely on the ILS that much unless the weather is really that bad where you can’t do a visual approach.

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