Frankfurt Ground & Tower Timelapse

Frankfurt Ground & Tower Timelapse

We were “Frankfurters” today—me on Tower and Ground, Nate and Adam teaming Approach. We had arrivals operating on 7L/R and departures on 7C/R. Arriving traffic was pretty constant while departing traffic came in large waves.

Because we were mainly departing aircraft on 7C and the runway was free of arrivals, it was quite easy to get aircraft off the ground efficiently. Something to note from today was the number of pilots who did a poor job of expeditiously exiting the runway with traffic on final. A substantial amount of the go-arounds during this session were due to that.

Also, please remember that what you see in the timelapse is only a fraction of the work that goes into controlling a busy airport such as this one. Nate and Adam were pulling a large load in the skies above; they had to reorganize the airspace and navigate countless aircraft to the ground with many more approaching. You might see a timelapse of their work coming soon™. Until then, enjoy this timelapse!

Ground + Tower + ATIS: @lucaviness

North Approach: @Marina

South Approach: @NightHawk

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