Frankfurt (EDDF) to Rome (LIRF) | Screenshot

I took this screenshot while i was on my flight to Rome.

Flight informations: EDDF-LIRF | Expert Server | Callsign: Lufthansa 232 | Airbus 321-200 | Today


Though you’d want to know that the real callsign for the flight irl is Lufthansa Two Whiskey Yankee, DLH2WY, LH232 is the flight number, alphanumerical callsigns are pretty common in Europe and the middle east.


Thank you, i didnt do that sometimes because i remember the limit was 5 characters, and sometimes the real callsigns were more than 5. Tell if im wrong or smth. Thank you btw

You’re welcome and, they’re usually not over 5 characters, lmk if you can find one, they’re usually either (and I’ll give examples):

Normal numerical callsigns:
Used around the world, less common in Europe, most common in the North America, Asia usually uses 3 number ones for scheduled flights, 4 for maybe charters or stuff like that (this only applies to Asia)

4 numbers (Bluestreak 5141)
3 numbers (Jazz 923)
2 numbers (American 16)
1 number (Air Canada 1)

Alphanumerical callsigns:
Numbers mixed with letters, used extensively throughout Europe, unused in North America (except for European cargo operators flying within the US), used in the Middle East and some in Mainland China.

1 letter
1 number, 1 letter (Shuttle 4B)
2 numbers, 1 letter (Longboat 72S)
3 numbers, 1 letter (Bluemax 628M)

2 letters
1 number, 2 letters (Griffin 4XV)
2 numbers, 2 letters (Alpine 83BH)

If you want more examples you can hop on Flightradar and click on random planes, lmk if you got any questions.

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thanks brother

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