Frankfurt Direct Approach 127.27- An Apology

Hello, all.

I would like to apologize for the chaos that ensued on Frankfurt Approach about 2 hours ago. For the majority of the session, everything was going smooth until my application froze multiple times, then crashed. Afterwards, I started to experience disappearing aircraft. The sum of all this really took a toll on my rhythm and led to poor service. I opted to handover approach to someone else for I was unable to rekindle the flair that I started the session with. I’m extremely sorry for the delay in getting people to Frankfurt.

Here are some pointers in regards to pilot interaction with Approach ATC:

  • If approach suddenly closes, it may be due to a connectivity issue and/or application crash. PLEASE do not head straight for the airport when this occurs. Maintain the parameters that the controller left you with until they get back. When everyone disregards the instruction, it really messes up the organization and this formed part of the reason Frankfurt descended into mayhem.

  • Don’t come barreling into an airspace at excessive speeds, it really doesn’t help anyone. When in an approach line, please monitor the speed of the aircraft ahead, it helps loads.

  • When giving an intercept heading, which is usually close to 30 degree offset of the runway heading, you are entrusted to turn onto runway heading on your own. Please do so or you risk a missed approach and best believe I’m not going to send you to the front of the line. Straight to the back.

  • Please don’t alter your altitude without good reasoning unless told by ATC. Good reason includes: you’re about to fly into someone else or terrain. Other than that, please don’t alter your altitude. With parallel runways, we usually clear each one at a 1000 foot difference from another. 4000 on 25L, 6000 on 25C and 5000 on 25R, for example. At clearance, aircraft are relatively close to each other compared to other stages of approach and therefore we rely on vertical separation to make amends. If you change your altitude when you aren’t on the localizer, you run the risk of transgressing separation with a nearby plane and consequently, run of the risk of being reported (ghosted). Additionally, the clearance command may read, “N1TW turn right heading 220, maintain 4000, maintain 4000 UNTIL established on the localizer, clear ILS runway 25L”. Until means to do something up to a particular point in time. In this case, stay at 4000 until you intercept the lateral navigation that we call the localizer. Furthermore, you’re allowed to descend when the glide slope is alive.

  • I honestly can’t comprehend what you want me to do with you 41,000 feet above mean sea level. I don’t get the thought process. If you miss your descent or overshoot the airport and you’re above approach airspace, take yourself over an isolated area and descend. I promise, if you contact me that high, worse over the airport, you’re going to hold for a minimum of 25 minutes. And when the hold is done, you can expect the very back of the line.

These are some things I observed today. Abiding to these will make for a wonderful experience for everyone. I hope you accept my apology and have a good rest of your day!


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