Frankfurt Airport Tour Part 2

Still in a bus at FRA, still enjoying amazing views

ADAC (German Automotive Club) Do228JET which is often used to bring back injured people

The 2nd Lufthansa B787-9 (D-ABPD) parked in front of a LH Technik hangar
D stands for Germany
A stands for a weight class of I believe more than 20t
B stands for Boeing
P stands for the B787-9 subfleet
D stands for the 4th B787-9 in the LH fleet, but in reality it was the 2nd delivered since D-ABPB and D-ABPC are delayed

A Lufthansa A319 in the new livery shortly after landing on 25R (we drove around the whole airport parameter meaning we saw all runways close-up)

We stopped directly in front of the 25R threshold creating an awesome experience and sound

An AeroLogic (joint venture between DHL and LH Cargo)

A parked Lufthansa CityLine CRJ900

A Lufthansa A321, named after the city where I am currently studying Air Traffic Management, taxiing out to the runway

A Lufthansa CityLine E190 (I hope we see soon in the game) in front of the tower that I hope will be my workplace in 3 years (depending on which airport I will get assigned to)

I hope you liked these pictures!


I very much did 🤩

That makes me happy :D

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Pretty cool that they give a airport tour. I hope I can find one here in America, it would be pretty cool, especially i they let you go visit the Tower.

Yeah those tours are great. Not too sure about the tower though. Here in Germany the airport and tower are operated by different companies ein respective tours only include their workplace so either the airport or the tower if you book a tour with the ANSP.

Nice! What camera?

iPhone 14 Pro Max I borrowed from my friend

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Wow, I enjoyed all of those pictures and everything. Saw you talking about ATC, Worms and everything without even realising it was you the whole time.

Hope you’re doing great ;) !

Nice. Apple’s cameras are really improving!

Would have never thought this was an iPhone!

Yeah, I was surprised, too, even though I find Samsung’s cameras, and especially the automatic color correction Samsung devices do to your pictures slightly better compared to Apple. Both are still fantastic for close-range shots!

Holy cow! Amazing pictures! Super super cool


Nice photos my man

The fact that you were able to break down the registration like that is just… wow.
It’s German organisation at its finest.

Excellent pictures. I’m looking forward to more!

And also funi Wormy city where people were so hungry they went on a wormy diet for a few months back in the day

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Thank you! There will be more and even an even cooler view soon!

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