Frankfurt Airport temporarily closed after drone sighting(Update)

Passengers had to hang out partly in the airplanes: At Frankfurt airport, all takeoffs and landings were temporarily canceled in the morning. Reason was a drone sighting. The operation is now running again.Because of the sighting of a drone Frankfurt airport was temporarily closed on Thursday morning. Between 7:27 and 8:15 clock the operation was completely discontinued, it says in the Twitter account of the Federal Police. For safety reasons, no take-offs and landings were possible, said a spokesman for the airport operator Fraport.

Passengers who wanted to travel to Frankfurt or wanted to start from Frankfurt had to endure some of the flights. At 8:18 clock the flight operations had been resumed.Nevertheless, there were disruptions of flight operations. According to the German Air Traffic Control (DFS), 143 take-offs and landings were canceled in Frankfurt, and 48 aircraft had already been diverted to other airports.

In the terminals, passengers complained to the airport operator. “We lined up in three different queues and waited more than three hours, there were hardly any announcements about what to do, I’m annoyed,” said a 46-year-old American on her way to Amsterdam. Other passengers also said that they had trouble finding the right counter to rebook their flight and sometimes had to wait more than four hours.According to a federal police spokesman, there had been several indications in the morning of a drone in the south of the site. However, since she was no longer sighted, the Federal Police, in consultation with the air traffic control, re-opened operations at 8:15. The background of the disorder is still unclear. But one works with high pressure on the reconnaissance - including a helicopter is in use.

Already at the end of March, the flight operations at Frankfurt airport had been stopped after a sighting of a drone for half an hour in the afternoon. At that time the aircraft had also been seen in the south of the airport. At the largest German airport about 60 flights were canceled on the day of 1439 flights until the evening, most of them in connection with a computer breakdown in the air traffic control center Langen. Because of the drone further delays were added.


Very detailed report. I like this :)

Not another drone incident 🙄


These drone incidents are getting worse and worse.

Though I’m not sure exactly what can be done about them

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Is this affecting Munich (MUC)? I just checked on the status of a flight I will be flying in a couple of weeks to MUC, and the flights are cancelled.

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Well of course, it could potentially damage aircraft and such. For example:


If only a 7 kilogram bird can tear a turbine. What can a drone weighing 15 kilos do? Sorry but I do not understand the meaning of your statement!

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Yeah. They did the right thing. If a drone flies into the turbine, then it could cause the engine to explode and the plane could crash. Your comment was unnecessary.

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