Francisco_Rivera's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A [PASSED WRITTEN]

Dang missed it by seconds

Sorry bud!

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Display Name: Francisco_Rivera

Status: Open from 2021-04-07T19:30:00Z2021-04-07T20:30:00Z

Server: Training Server

Airport: Rickenbacker International Airport (KLCK)

Frequencies: Ground & Tower

Operations: Patterns permitted, transitions, Inbounds, Departures

Runways: 23L and 23R

People Tags:


Coming in now!

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Awesome! see you here!

Same here! On my way

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Feedback (CC-NPR):

Amazing job! I only noticed two issues along the session:

  • [20:00:45] - F-ANTA need a new clearance. - Since I depart the airspace and F-ANTA was sequenced behind me, he needs to know that he will now be the first one in sequence for runway 23L, clearing him as number 1.

  • [20:00:45] - I would recommend delaying the frequency change until there’s no chance I could cause any conflicts within your airspace.

Solid Points:
- Transition altitude.
- Correct pattern entries.
- Correct sequencing.
- Correct clearances.
- Go-Around.
- Runway Changes.


Feedback: F-ANTA

Nothing else to add on to what was given above from Nico, fantastic job today!

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Ohh ok thanks for the feedback!!

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Thanks @CaptainN @nicopizarro @Stef_Smet for coming!!


Sorry mate. Midnight here

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Hi @Francisco_Rivera, don’t hesitate to ping me when you open an ATC then i can try to come ^^

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Hey! Please tag next 😉

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