France/London Region

This region concept is one that keeps the London and Paris regions, but adds more on to them, it would drastically increase the size of the region. It would include areas of southern France such as Nice, this would allow for some real flights. The red area on this photo shows the scale of the region and how hard it may be to make, however, in the end it would be well worth it for such an amazing region. image


That is actually decent


The green is an extra area that could be added that included Belgium and the Netherlands, that would be a total of 3 regions of the green zone was added


If ur going that far u mine as well add Amsterdam

Yeah I figured, also it isn’t too large, about 1000 miles from London to Nice, or an hour and 40 minutes.

Sounds good but I think that is the number one thing that the DEVS wanna do is global flight

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Wasn’t this already requested elsewhere?

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It has been requested many times. Each request is a little different from the next.

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what the hell @Liam_Williams

This would be great

Yes it would be another step towards globa flight

It sure would be!

Just add London France and Amsterdan regions together and that’s partly global flight. Good idea.

I like the idea to include EDDF and LSGG :D

Would the Channel Islands be included? That would be enjoyable.


You should extend England. There’s some great airports to the north and plus you’ve got lots of different terrain


It would be pretty difficult to sort out what to do with people who have paid for only one of these regions, eg. If someone only has London will they now get Paris for free?

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I’d love that, but i’d love it if they could add more northern UK airports such as Manchester and Glasgow etc !!