France is extremely low resolution!

Hey guys. So basically, I am finishing up a flight from KSFO to LFPG, and for whatever reason, France, despite what I had seen in numerous earlier flights, was extremely low resolution. It was super blurry. Not just that, but I can’t even make out the airports. I have no idea how I am supposed to land, and I don’t have any pictures just yet as this flight is still in progress on approach. Any answers?

How is your internet connection? Have you tried clearing scenery cache?


I already tried clearing it before I posted, and I am connected to my pretty fast wifi.


Try turning on airplane mode/turn off WiFi until you lose connection to the Global servers. Then turn on the WiFi/turn off airplane mode again, clear the scenery cache and move the camera around.

Wait, I can’t… I had a “network error” and am disconnected from the server. Never had this issue when this happened but could that be it? Also, attempting to go on final.

Okay, I know that I’ve seen a user report an issue over France before but it’s been awhile. If clearing Scenery Cache, switching to airplane mode while resetting your router and then switching back to WiFi doesn’t work then I’m not sure there’s much else you could do while in flight to mitigate this.


Thanks. it didn’t work, but there isn’t much that can be done. You can close when you’d like.

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Possibly, when you are done, reinstall the app. That fixed the problem for me. If it just connection, never mind.