frames dropping

I don’t know why but one day when I was trying to land Cargolux 747 800 at JFK it started lagging/ frame dropping it was so bad you could move the plane at all I could even land I ended up crashing and I don’t know why but its happening every time just a few mins ago I was trying to land a 208 at cyyz but I could because of this issue it’s becoming an everyday issue and I don’t know how to fix it. infinite flight global has been good to me so far hopfully it can get fixed

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What device are you using? OS?

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Maybe your settings are too high for the device?

android mate not os…

Ok then, what android device and whatever the software thing is called (I’m clearly an Apple guy)

no i dont think because ive had the same settings since the realeass of global

OS stands for operating system, you surely have one installed on your device.

im using the lg g3 flex

oh ok sorry thought you were talking about apple but its android not sure exactly what os

Ok cool. What settings do you run IF on?

high on everything except for users planes i put that on medieum

Looks like your phone is fairly old. Try turning down the settings a wee bit and see how it works.
The support moderators will be around soon with more information.

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ok kool ill try but ive always had it on high even since the releasse of global

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Having everything on high isn’t the smartest idea. (Recommended newer 2016/2016 devices)

Considering you have an old phone, keep in mine the size of global and your phone. Put less stress on it by turning down some setting down. (Suggest low)

I had to turn settings down on my iPad, experiences, still enjoyable.

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ok ill try and see what happens

I have experienced this tonight as well. iOS on iPhone 6s

Have you tried clearing your Ram?

On Apple,

Hold down the power button wait until the lock screen comes up,

hold down the power button.

ram cleared once the lock screen goes away.

If your response is not helping, and especially quite sarcastic to somebody with an open honest support question, I suggest you keep it to yourself :)

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Roger that. Deleted. Thank you :)

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thanks man that helped