Framerate problem

Whenever I fly or depart Amsterdam or Istanbul the framerate seems to be bad and even when i turn my graphics to low it still lags like mad. However this isn’t the case when flying into Jfk or Lax.
I don’t know if there if a solution to this since could it be a problem with the new update or just my device?

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Hey there,

What device are you using?

Samsung A51

It runs alright when flying into other 3d airports

Same here,I don’t know what happens when flying to/from Amsterdam it lags like crazy,but it’s fine at all other airports…

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It seems the major airports in 21.6 such as EHAM,OTHH,EGCC create this lag problem but flying into EGLL it runs smooth


I don’t know whyvit doing this

Hi! The common denominator here seems to be 3D airports. Have you tried lowering your 3D Object Density? Have you also restarted the app and your device?

From my experience, this device is rather underpowered for it’s release age. This could be your issue. What are the rest of your settings like?

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I’ve recently started having this issue with my IPhone 12 where my framerate drops drastically and I can barely get anything done. I’ve had this problem with mainly the 777 family in fixed cameras/cockpits. Started about 3-4 days ago.

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I’ll try to help you out as well. What iOS are you running? How much storage is free on the device? Have you recently restarted it, and cleared your apps running in the background?

What are your settings on IF like?

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I was running IOS 15. I currently have 41 GB taken up mostly by IF. I did restart it after I was having trouble flying in/out of Zurich where my game was freezing and crashing. I did not have any background apps running either as I normally close everything but IF till I have landed and ended my flight.


As unrealistic as it is, moving away from cockpit view should help this at least a little in the 777. It has probably the most detailed cockpit in the sim (lots of polygons, textures, live instruments everywhere, etc), and when 3D objects are loading in at the same time, it can take a toll on your frame rate. Alternatively, lowering rendering resolution would probably help as well, as that’s the graphic setting that affects performance the most


Piggybacking on Rob, try lowering your rendering settings. Do you have this issue in aircraft other than the 777? Any connectivity issues as of late?

3d object density is always on low and the rest is on medium

It only seems to be laggy in the new 21.6 major airports

Roger doger. What kind of aircraft are you flying as of late? Reworked AC, or older ones without things like live cockpit? Connectivity issues?

If you are facing this issue on Multiplayer it might be that there are more players at EHAM which is always the case cause it is a very loved airport in the community.

I used a A321

Even when its dead and no-one is there its still laggy

Have you tried at some of the smaller new airports like EHEH and VILH? If not, give them a shot and see how it goes