Framerate issues with the A350 and 772 - iPhone 8

Hey IFC, the past several months since 19.4, My iPhone 8 has been running into some framerate issues with the newer modeled aircraft (A350 + 772). It is very sporadic, some times I can run a flight with the mentioned aircraft with no issues, the other times it gets so bad that I have to turn everything down to the lowest setting. On average, I run all graphics on high and I keep framerate limit ON. Before I turn down my average graphics and accept that the iPhone 8 is just older now, is there any users on the IFC who are also experiencing this, or is this just an issue on my side? If the latter is the case, does anyone have any suggestions to improve this?

Thanks - A.C



iPhone 8 - 64 GB
Anti analyzing - On
Rendering resolution and quality - High
Framerate limit - On

EDIT: I believe the reasoning behind my fps issue is because my device is overheating even with framerate limit on. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to keep your phone cool?

EDIT2: I’ve figured out my own issue. I do not need anymore assistance, thank you.
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I had a few issues on my iPhone 8 with the 772 (not the A350), but turning off anti-aliasing did the trick.


Iphone 8 isnt the newest device and these 2 planes are IF’s newest so they use more ram.

I had similar issues with the iPhone 7, notably with the 777 and 737 models.

In addition to anti-aliasing I also had to dial back the rendering quality and live aircraft count, particularly in busy airspaces.

Have you tried some of the steps in the Performance section of the Help Guide?

Being an older device now it may just be its taxing the device noticeably more now

Device cooling wise I tend to leave my iPhone XR on a flat surface that helps dissipate heat. A kitchen worktop or window sill with some airflow works well for me

yeah, I figured this was the case, I think I’m going to have to treat myself to a new phone at some point in the future, especially for project metal…

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ya lol, I took a whole summer to earn money for my new ipad mini 5.