Framerate issue

I dont think restart would work because when i startup after restart. the moment i spawned the issue is already happening

This is a support topic brought up by mods, they say to make sure that you restart your device and make sure your graphics are low before starting a flight.

I wouldn’t say that. A good memory refresh is always helpful for your device. Trust me. Just like eating vegetables is good for humans, a refresh is always good for your device. :)

I know but what is weird is that right now with everything on high, the issue is not occurring but the next time i spawn the issue starts. The issue pretty much goes back and forth

Then PM mods and tell them, we cant help you anymore.

Do you have the limit frame rate box checked in settings?

I did and waiting for a response still

No i do not have it checked

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Please refrain from being negative to others. Thanks! He is not posting stupid stuff at all. He is experienced.


Lower graphics settings
turn off and turn back on wifi
fly with the mini map off

Frame rate is not all about memory. Keep in mind that the scenery is streamed so be sure to have a solid connection.

Sorry, I did not see that information in the initial posting.

I tried turning off the mini map and did work but i should be able to have the mini map on

Not your fault, I escalated it too much. So sorry!

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We are really far in this topic and you haven’t showed us any screenshots. Could you send in a few please? How is your Internet connection?

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My wifi speed is almost 100 megabytes per second

Reset your router regularly, refresh your device and app before long hauls. Also clearing RAM cache helps your cause even more. Safe flying