Framerate Drops When Looking At Sky

Device: Galaxy A71
Operating system: Android OS

I notice consistently while flying that I will get a continuous drop of frames the more I look up. I will get a solid 60fps while looking straight down but the more sky I see the lower my frames.

Are there any settings I can change to stop this?
Is this a known issue or just me?

After messing with it a ton and turning all my settings to Medium I figured out that it was the Render Resolution. It needed to be turned Low instead, yet for some reason I can turn all my graphics back to High and my game runs alot better but not perfect. The issues still occur while looking up and ill still see a consistent drop of around 10-20 fps but it is much better than what I was getting before.

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Can you attempt turning your clouds off on the weather tab?

Yeah I always have that off

Don’t know why

Try to clear your cache or turn your graphic in medium if they are at high!

I just edited my post, Thanks for your help!

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