Framerate Drop and Freezing

Hello Infinite Flight Community

I think the title resume the topic (and also the issue).
I have sometime random freeze of the screen and framerate drop to 1-2 for so random period of time.

Like right now I can’t even control my flight because the screen is freezed…

It’s happen when I don’t touche my device for a long period of time (4-5 hours) but it’s a new issue, I didn’t have it before. I can recreate this issue, but the I will not happen every time with the good conditions

Device: Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra
Operating system: Latest Android Version

Hey mate!

Do you use other apps in the background during the flight? Or floating windows while flying? That could be an issue related with your RAM when using some apps at the same time for long period, some devices instead of just crashing the app will have a performance drop to avoid the app closure. I would also recommend clear the Infinite Flight Cache and see if the error happens again.


the Samsung S9 was operated in 2018 which mean that it has a 6 years of using.
The problem is that IF require a better device which include a higher RAM and ROM in your device to maintain a long haul flight. Here are some advice for you:

  • upgrade to a new phone
  • reduce the graphic setting to lowest
  • using a low power mode during flight
  • turn of the background apps
  • keep your RAM having enough space for IF.
    Good luck, bro

Thanks for the help, but unfortunately I have only IfAssitant in the background (I have 12gb of ram also). So I don’t think there is an issue with RAM. Cache + Data cleared, reinstalled the app etc… is done.

@IFVN-Alexminh it’s not the Samsung S9, it’s the Tablet one, Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, released in August 2023.

I will do a flight tonight and will keep you in touch.

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oh, I’m sorry, it’s my mistake


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