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Hello all
In some airports i get a drop in frame rate and get a laggy and unclear scenery… My settings set to medium and sometimes i get the same results… Sometimes i also encounter this in Replay Mode…My device is iPad Air 2019 updated to the latest iOS and IF as well… Any solution for this issue?!

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This is going to sound rather mundane, but have you restarted Infinite Flight or your device recently? Doing this alongside reducing your graphics settings even further will more likely than not be enough to increase your frame rate.

As for you being on iOS, I am currently not familiar with what underlying issues may be causing the decrease in frame rate, though you might want to take a look at some other support topics to get a better understanding of what’s happening.

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I regularly restart my device before every flight… however this issue only happens on ground with 3D airports, once i get airborne, everything becomes normal

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In that case, have you changed your 3D object density setting in specific? Lowering this would mean that you are rendering less objects. While the immersion would be reduced, you’d still gain on frame rate. I highly suggest you do this if you haven’t already.


Object density still on high… I don’t want to lose the good quality graphics and my device should be able to handle this I guess

Well, I do hate to break this to you, but your iPad was released about three and a half years ago, not to mention, the addition of 3D object and buildings into the game will definitely have changed Infinite Flight such that it’s more likely to be more demanding than before.

I don’t want to come across as demeaning but your iPad is far from what it once was. That said, with slightly lowered settings, you should be able to still run Infinite Flight decently well.

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Ok thanks… Appreciate your help… This means that I need to lower the overall graphics settings to medium not only some of options…

It is most likely that your old iPad Air 2019 cannot withstand the processing power of some 3D Airports. Not really playable and I also have the same exact iPad before I got a new one.

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That’s really bad news as I cannot afford a new one now…

Not to that extent… It is still good but laggy sometimes not always

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