Frame rate

Has anyone experienced a hit on frame rate?

Yes, I personally have.

What device are you running on?

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The a350 is a much more detailed aircraft than many other models… And what with the high number of them flying them on the live server, your device is going to start tanking frames a bit…

Best thing to do if you have issues is to lower the graphics settings. Hopefully this would help a bit


Reducing the quality of the rendering and aircraft usually helps

Can’t wait to get my iPhone 11 Pro so I don’t have this problem lmao thank you!

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I’m running on an iPad mini 3.

I also have this issue since upadted, even though i use the XR

So i have the best phone money can buy, and i had the same impression when the update first came. But the more you play, the more it caches and renders everything. So it will get better overtime.

My Galaxy Note 9 is having trouble handling heavy A350 traffic

I think you’ll have a hard time finding any device that doesn’t.


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