Frame Rate Problems

Yesterday I was playing at very high FPS and now I play today and it’s laggy my device is capable of running infinite Flight on high graphics

Device: iPhone 6s 2gb of ram

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Hello, Thanks for contacting support. Have you tried:

Restarting the app?
Restarting your phone?
Delete and reinstall Infinite Flight?
If you haven’t, please do so and then report back here.


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no improvement using your tips

How long have you owned your iPhone 6s?

At least a year and a bit

Refer to this thread, if this leads to no help I’ll try my best to give you some support.

The Iphone 6s is more than capable for IF use. Kiwi, do you often fly for long periods of time with a high display brightness?

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My device is suppported. I just find it weird that I was able to play on very high settings with good frame rate and now it’s laggy

Adding on to Chief, do you normally spawn at busy airports?

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I always turn brightness down and low power mode on

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Okay, how much storage is left in your device?

New Zealand region is never busy

2GB of ram
50GB of space available
running iOS 11.4

Have you tried running a geekbench test?

Have you cleared the scenery cache?

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I will do it now… and no I haven’t @Chief305

Slight improvement but it still lags after a few seconds…

Have you tried playing in Solo?

yes I’ve been testing it on solo only

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Are you using limit frame rate?

If not turn this on as it’s essential to maintaining a stable flight experience