Frame rate limiter

Everybody recommends me to turn of frame rate limiter but when I go to turn it off it tells me that “disabling the frame rate limiter can cause your device to overheat, “ we recommend keeping this setting on”
So should I turn it off or keep it on.
I don’t want to damage my device.
Thank you

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It depends on what your device can really handle. Some (usually newer devices) handle it off better than others. I’d experiment but be mindful of your devices heat.

I’ve noticed that with it off, some of the more detailed aircraft such as the 777 make my FPS skip around. I keep mine on for a steady frame rate.

@Mayar I recommend looking through this topic and find your device. You’re able to see if your device can handle limit frane rate, along with a bunch of other settings that can help you make your flight much smoother for your device. I help this helps! Device Compatibility Thread 20.3 - Built By Us For You!

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