Frame rate issue

Due to the recent updates on the 737 and 777 which is truly fantastic, great job to the infinite flight team. I have realized that older devices tend to show an impact to frame rate when the updated aircraft are used.

Due to my dedication to fly and enjoy the updates would it be necessary to buy a new iPad?

Would appreciate anyone’s feedback

Hey @gmjones0523!

If you are looking to have a high quality and good experience with Infinite Flight, buying a better device is probably going to be your best option unless you have a rather new device. Older devices, like you said, tend to only be able to run low graphics as well as low airplane counts, therefore possibly worsening your experience and making your graphics and planes look less depictable. Personally, I prefer performance over graphics, so if I were in your situation, I would lower my graphic settings, but if you’re looking to get the full experience of a nice cockpit and depictable livery, buying a new device, if possible, could/should be looked into.

Hope I could help!


Appreciate your response! Definitely will have my eyes set on a device upgrade soon enough.

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What device and graphics settings do you use?

iPhone 6s
iOS 13.6

Airplane Count: Very High
Rendering Quality: Medium/High
Rendering Resolution: Low/Medium
Texture Quality: Low/High
Anti-Aliasing: On
Limit Frame Rate: Checked


iPad 8

iOS 14

Was your original post about using Infinite Flight on the iPad 8 (which was just released), or an older device and you chose to upgrade to the iPad 8?

The iPad 8th generation came out on September 18th… what is your graphics settings?

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Since you are using the most up to date device, I don’t believe upgrading will improve anything. Maybe try to check off Limit Frame Rate to start. I know of very few people who leave that unchecked but your device probably could handle it.


Appreciate your suggestions. I will give it a go

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