Frame Rate Issue

I know there has been many fps issues posted on here but i dont think there has been one with my device. I have a soney experia z2 android 5.1.1 with Qualvomm MSM8974PRO-AB processor. It used to run the old IF no problem with max graphics but as soon as i got onto global i realised this. Even when im only the lowest graphics possible with low aircraft count it still stutters. I have tried reinstalling the app with no change, also without the minimap. Any help?

Restart your device and try getting Clean Master and free up some RAM It would also help knowing how much RAM you have available

What steps have you taken so far to troubleshoot the issue yourself, except for lowering graphics? Reinstalled?

How much storage do you currently have available on your device?

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Done exactly that with no success unfortunately

I have cleared ram, restarted the device, unistalled reinstalled. The problem also happens on single player too.

And amount of free storage on your device?

Your device is probably barely capable of running global sadly

Well, global minimums requirements are android 5.0 lolipop.

OpenGL 3.0 as well to cope with the stresses

Can people who are providing absolutely zero assistance right now move on to other topics?

We have brought this up many times, but it’s extremely frustrating when you try to help and people are starting to suggest other devices and other completely irrelevant information to resolve the issue.



There is 680MB available

My device has 12 Gb total

Hey there, welcome to the Sony squad
I myself have IF running on a z3 compact, both of which have exactly the same Snapdragon 801 processor and I believe also the same ardeno GPU. your phone however, running android 5 isn’t exactly up to the same performance standards. However, I have run IF on a z2 and had very few issues. I believe this may be exclusive to your device, related to either lack of storage, low ram or an extremely large app cache. Perhaps finding your score on geekbench would further allow me to assist you in this issue?

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can you delete data from unused apps? More storage would probably help it run better

If you could free up some space, it would be great. We recommend a minimum free storage of 1GB.

Is geekbench an app?

Ill try right now hold on

Geekbench is an ap that will assess your single and multicore score, I have a list of usual results so this would help me identify whether the issue is unique to your device

Ok thank you ill send you a picture

Furthermore, factory resetting unused apps on your device such as Google and other apps should help clear up a tonne of space