FRA - PNQ non stop flight with narrow body aircraft

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Just trying to figure out a route plan and setting to allow and which aircraft to chose. Currently Lufthansa operates a a319 with a pit stop.

If you mean a Flight plan you can check out

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Lufthansa operates that flight with a stopover at UBBB.

Yes , which is gonna soon end in mar 2019 . Currently there is a limitation with the runway being small and inability to land a bigger plane. Why I posted this question is because I want to attempt a non stop flight.

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You wouldn’t make it, you would run out of fuel long before.

With insane tailwinds, you could just make it non-stop.

I’m 99% sure you’d make it in a 737 BBJ :)

Yeah probably would be possible with the 737BBJ. I have done LSZH to KSFO before with it so I am sure it would be fine.

Ok ,I am gonna try , any Suggestion for Optimum altitude for Minimum Fuel utilization. Last time I ended up with 6 minutes of fuel left while landing at Pune ( PNQ ) .

Lufthansa used a 737-700BBJ on this route for years. It was operated by Private Air and had a flat lie business class and a small economy compartment.

SimBrief recommends climb up to FL330 (initially) at +1700fpm and then step climb up to FL370 between +200 and +300fpm. That may not get you there though.

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