🇩🇪FRA-🇺🇸LAX /. FULL trip report with LH B747-8i!

Hello everyone!
Welcome onboard for this trip to Phoenix, America 🇺🇸, connecting by LAX . This is the vacation in Germany 🇩🇪, and I decided to go to the West coast of America, so i booked a Flight from FRA to LAX, and not an direct flight to Phoenix because of the Queen of the sky who’s operating this flight.
My second flight, will take place from LAX to PHX with American Airlines in economy. But today… WE ARE FLYING IN BUSINESS for this long flight across Atlantic and Canada.

Let’s go:

Here we are, at Frankfurt airport in Germany , gate 66 concourse A, when Lufthansa is operating long haul services. First look at our beast who came from SFO this morning, i’m so excited, boarding started at 9:50am:

I found my seat 6A for this 11h flight to America 🇺🇸, it’s looking really confortable, blanket and pillow were waiting for us, and the IFE (we’re gonna speak for it later)

The view we had of our seat

I was served with an welcome drink, i went for the little cup of champagne 🥂🍾, very tasty, and between the hostess was really kind and was smiling every time , very nice job LH crew

The plane was pretty empty…

Few minutes after the pushback , we were rolling out of Frankfurt and European continent with an absolutely amazing sounds of these powerful engines from RWY 25C

After the takeoff the crew served a little pocket with amenities, an sleeping mask, little cream for eyes 👀 and an toothbrush with LH logo on it (unfortunately no photo)

1H later, we say goodbye to Europe with this view of Holland 🇳🇱 and AMS:

After 3H flight the main meal was served : salad with mozzarella cheese and tomato ( with oil and vinegar), ice cream, peace of cake, 🍰, bretzel, and chocolate mousse

After this launch, i decided to explore the IFE in this flight w and as i say during the boarding, i am gonna speak about it, so first we have an map with the route view, flight time, altitude in meters, speed, remaining flight time and 3D version of your plane. After this we have an movie selection who’s pretty good but not exceptional, we have somes old movies and new movies but still interesting ; somes games and musics. All in all, a pretty interesting IFE but a little boring for an 11h flight in my opinion.

Entering Greenland 🇬🇱:

After that i slept for around 4 hours in this confortable seat who transformed in bzd, and watched films , talked with the crew about their job, they said that they really enjoy their job and that Lufthansa is one of the best place to work (not and add for Lufthansa, i’m just making the trip more realistic ) . I “visited” the lavatories and they were normal and very clean, everything that we are expecting from an airline.

Time for Breakfast, it’s was an saumon, with somes gastronomic meal, ice cream, bread . All with Coca cola and another champagne (i’m going to vacation right? )

After that we were approaching LAX, looks this is San Bernardino Mountains, beautiful 😍:

And then we landed smoothly in LAX , excellent job pilots, they landed really really nice and buttered the runway it self haha.

And then we disembarked, final view of the beast at sunny Los Angeles 🇺🇸:

I exited the plane, went to the border control and exit the airport, and then i’m gonna spend 7 days in LAX before taking my next flight to PHX, and ofc there will be another trip report!

Now I’m enjoying the moment,stay safe, see you Saturday for the AA trip:) .


Frankfurt Airport: 8/10 very bigg airport and crowed, probably because it’s was the morning.

Lufthansa : 8.5/10 An really excellent company who know how to attract passengers and serve them! Excellent crew at LH, always professional and smily:)
Only loose point is the IFE who’s old and slow.

LAX airport: 9.5/10 Huge airport but really well made, fast and simply

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Great report !

I like the way you used real photos mixed with simulator !



I have been summoned~

Excellent shots and review! Love to see the queen of the skies!


Thank you very much @AviatorEgcc !! Really appreciate!



Yeah you was summoned:) , thank you very much for the time!


nice, there should be a section specifically for this mix…

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Wow, Infinite Flight interiors look really good these day! :)

Great photos and I like the mix.


Thank you for the kind words!

Yes, as you can see! Thank you!

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Another photo that i found, approaching LAX, beautiful:


shlop, tch, noice


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Yeah that’s a good think! Thank you, proud that you loved it :)

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