FR9084 - Any Information?

Any information?

Good evening all, I toyed with where this topic should go, as its not a finding, but more of a shout out for information.

Yesterday evening, a family friend took this flight from Alicante to East Midlands. The flight seemingly took off from Alicante, climbed to FL240 and then returned to Alicante.

We have been unable to make contact since, which could be completely innocent, that wouldn’t be unheard of with this guy or something else.

I was wondering if anyone had any way of finding out what happened, why did it divert back to Alicante?

Be that through safety reports or just through word of mouth on forums, twitter or else.

More intrigued than worried!


Just to reiterate this is not an FR24 finding, and I have purely added the screen grabs from FR24 to add context to the post. I guess I could have added a photo of a Ryanair plane at Alicante…But where is the fun in that!


I haven’t heard anything. Probably like a small malfunction or something that required the crew to divert back to Alicante

I suspected so also! I mean with it been Ryanair, no need for a hold, no fuel onboard anyhow!!


The callsign is RYR4GQ, FR9084 is the flightnumber. There is no RYR9084.

Anyways, I haven’t heard anything and as previously mentioned it is probably a medical or something that happened during T/O. ;)

Thanks for the info! - I have amended the flight number. I hope it was nothing major.

Nonetheless, the aircraft is now back in service, it must not have been anything major. ;)

Do you know where you can get hold of the safety report that we have seen in the past on the forum, maybe that would shed some light? I have text the lad again, still no reply! I bet he is stuck in Alicante with no battery!!

According to FR24 the aircraft made a successful second attempt departing Alicante at2:22pm, landing at EGNX 3:29pm:

It has been flying all it’s scheduled routes since (apart from possibly a missed return), making it most likely a medical. There has been quite a lot of delays, though likely unrelated or just knock on.

It’s currently on the ground at EMA. I can find no AvHerald report as of yet.


Thanks @IceBlue - I will keep an eye on AvHerald and feedback once I hear back from Sam!

@Maxmustang may have a prelim. report? Best of luck

I’d recommend contacting the airline… Best of luck

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UPDATE - We have made contact, apparently a person on-board had a heart attack and a diversion entailed. They are all the details we have at the moment.

Id still be interested if you got hold of any interim safety reports @Maxmustang


@LouDon16. This Following appears to be a September 2011 similar incident. There is no Incident of record at this timef for yr FR9084 this week:

Sept 2011 incident : FR9084 (AvSafe/AvHerald/Multiple UK News outlets)
A Ryanair Boeing 737-800, registration EI-DYX performing flight FR-9084 from Alicante,SP (Spain) to East Midlands,EN (UK), was enroute at FL360 over France about 100nm south of Bournemouth,EN (UK) when the crew decided to divert to Bournemouth due to male passenger (about 25) suffering from serious abdominal pain triggering suspicions of appendicitis. While flight attendants provided first aid the aircraft landed safely in Bournemouth, the passenger was taken to a local hospital.
The aircraft reached East Midlands with a delay of 70 minutes.

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Spoke to ALC spotters, they don’t know what happened exactly but they send this

So there was an unrelated Ryanair issue at ALC yesterday as well

Hi thanks!

Thats interesting, id love to know more about that, Maybe more will come to light in a safety report!


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