FR24 integration with Infinite Flight missions

With the recent addition of Infinite Flight 3d models into FR24, I thought that perhaps the two companies could expand upon this relationship and implement a feature that would benefit all users.

How often do you find yourself looking on FR24 for real world flights to base your Infinite Flight sessions on? This is something I do almost every flight, and with the current iteration of Infinite Flight Missions being pretty basic, why not make it better?

Currently, the FR24 departures board looks like this:

  • It’s great for finding real-world flights, but there is still a bit to do to load these flights into Infinite Flight

What if, using the pre-existing Missions tab, we were able to view this same departure board directly within Infinite Flight itself?
It could look something like this:

It would pull real-world flight information and make it instantly available to us Infinite Flight users, making flight planning a whole lot easier.

How would this work?

  1. First, you would choose the Flightradar 24 tab in the top right of the screen
  2. Then, you would search for an airport
  3. Infinite Flight would then display the real-world departure board for your selected airport, pulled straight from FR24.
  4. You would then be able to select a flight (like how we currently select flights in the Missions tab)

Additionally, for closer integration (and to attract more users), there could be a link within FR24 that opens your selected flight directly in Infinite Flight:

Yes! This would actually be great! Hang on, lemme find a vote for this…


This seems to be a cool idea

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Great Idea! I use FR24 KML files to simulate IRL procedure in IF but it takes few steps to edit and convert. It would be really cool if we can do that directly!


I think a starting point could be to have the following pulled from FR24:

  • departure/arrival airports (i.e., routes being flown from the specific airport you select)
  • aircraft & livery from the route you select (this is already working with Infinite Flight’s 3d models on FR24)

Even these two features would massively improve Missions while also keeping it as simple as it is currently. Whilst I would like real-world routes (as well as KML files etc), this could be something for a later iteration.

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Seeing that FR24 already uses Infinite Flight, why not see Infinite Flight use FR24?


I love this idea! And its pretty well thought out too with their recent collaboration with 3D models, ill spare a vote


Exactly - it’d also likely help Infinite Flight to become more recognised/mainstream as well

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I think it could be cool to have a filter too, like FR24 has, for aircraft, airline, airport, or all 3

that would be cool for realism, plus IF gets something from FR, just like just happened!

I’ll free up a vote for this! Maybe it could also be integrated into the missions algorithm, and there be an option to filter by airport, FR24 only, etc.

i don’t have a free vote anymore but i’d love to see this!

also atlanta to paris in 45 minutes seems interesting


This is an amazing idea!

It’s an idea that we’ve discussed early on when chatting with them. We don’t have any immediate plans to share right now but it’s a nice idea. We’re on the same page ;)


Very cool suggestion! I always depends on FR24 every time I want to do flight. Without it, I really don’t know where to fly, what aircraft they use, which parking aircraft park and how long flight it will taken on each route (Short, Medium & Long Haul),

Yeah, I highly care about realism and realistic real world flight, so I give my vote for this suggestion! ✅👍🏼