FR13 - Ryanair in distress over Nottingham?

Just noticed this flight going over my head very low.

On flight radar it’s showing that it’s taken off, maintained 2000ft and is now circling over Nottingham.

It’s not squaking 7700? Any ideas?


Post it on Flightradar24 findings

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Following on from what @nicochile2 rightly said , here is link to the appropriate thread it should be in :)

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Holding pattern? But unlikely since it’s a departure not arrival.

Its not a flight tracker finding?

It is odd - watching it now. Maintaining altitude but constantly doing patterns. It has a nice Dreamliner livery though!

This plane has gone overhead and it’s been ratified from inspecting flight following. I can see it out my office window!!

Did it just land?

Your photo is from FR24 hence why it needs to be in that thread , but i agree very strange that this is occurring ?

Probably a glitch of the mobile FR24 but it seemed to do a touch and go. Is that right or not?

Looked very nice, but very low…and quiet!

Having a look at the flight history of EI-DCL/FR13 , it seems that this isn’t the first time this aircraft has done this before.

Have a look at someone of the aircraft playback , and it clear the aircraft has done this before multiple times…

Really strange. I wonder if it’s a flight training or something. Does anyone know the relevance of the livery? :)

Looks like this isn’t the first time this has happened at EGNX ? This video displays a Ryanair aircraft doing some pattern work at EGNX a few months back …

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But I still don’t get it. Why is it happening? Is it due to training purposes?

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Yeah looks like this is due to training …


Final training for new fATPL entrants to FR before they go and fly with passengers. FR typically goes to EMA, U2 often go to DSA. I think you have to do 6 tough and goes before you get signed off by the CAA.


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