FQMA - FAOR | B738 | South African Airways

I decided to fly an early morning flight in the South African Airways’ Boeing 737-800. Flying the 737 family is so much better with the addition of live cockpit in the sim!
I flew from Maputo International to this weeks FNF hub, O R Tambo. This flight took me over some beautiful African scenery.

Flight Details -

Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Livery: South African Airways
Server: Expert
Date/Time: October 2nd 2020, 0535Z
Flight Time: 53 minutes
Route: FQMA - FAOR

Spawned in at the gate and ready to do the flight planning.

Flight plan created, SID/STAR/Approach added, time for pushback.

Taxiing to Runway 23.

Cleared for takeoff.

LNAV engaged, turn right heading 280.

Cruising at FL300.

Descending into O R Tambo.

”Turn right heading 360, maintain 8,000, maintain 8,000 until established on the localiser, cleared ILS 03R approach”.

Touchdown on 03R in O R Tambo.

”When able turn left, contact ground on the taxiway”. Vacating 03R as a Mango Boeing 737-800 departs from 03L.

Special thanks to:

@Eden_Tan for FAOR Approach service
@Jonathan_Rudolph for FAOR Tower, Ground and ATIS


How could you be up at like 6:30am you absolute mango…

I spotted you 🤗. Nice shots!

Very nice shots! I forgotten did i allow u for a direct routing or u flown the entire STAR?

Beautiful Photos 🤩