FPV? what is it? please help

Hi there, i was wondering what the FPV option is in systems and in interface(next to the hud options)

That is the flight path vector

but what does it do?
what does it enable/disable

It tells you the direction your plane actually is going. Not where the plane is facing or pointing towards. The actual direction of travel. Hope that makes sense

Usually in your hud, you have your bar where your aircraft is pointing and a little circle of where it’s actually headed, i’ll get a screenshot in a couple minutes.

When you turn FPV, it gets rid of the little circle.

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thanks! i understand

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No problem. Glad I could help.

yes i see now! i new it before but completely forgot about it!

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it is that circle that moves around the hud and tells you where you are going to be.

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ok, i just flagged this post as i understand now! thank you to all who replied!

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The FPV, or Flight Path Vector, shows the projected trajectory of your aircraft. It can be very useful in crosswind scenarios. I’ve circled it in red below.

Screen Shot 2021-05-03 at 12.15.07 PM

Hope this helps!


thank you!

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