Fps problem while cruising

Hello guys. I would like to ask a question why does me fps drop down at 7000 or more feet and when i am cruising i have like 8 fps while on group I have 20+ fps and when i decent it appears to my fps going up again is anything that i can do to solve this problem (btw my device is on very good condition


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In order to help you with this, please answer the following question.
Which device are you using and what OS version is it running?

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You can lower your graphics, turn antialiasing off, lower the plane count, take your devices case off to prevent overheating, use the cockpit camera in the plane and face it to the ceiling so the game doesn’t load scenery.
Those are the main things you can do to get performance, You could also try reinstalling Infinite Flight too. Feel free to DM if you need any more help:)

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I have an android and my device is a redmi note 12


Have you seen this?

It also depends on other things, like the CPU/GPU combination.

I have an old Samsung S10+ (2019) that maintains a higher FPS than the much newer Samsung Tab S8 Ultra (2022).

You never know which hardware is going to be used in devices, which makes optimizing the app for every device impossible.


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