FPS on Xiaomi MI A3

Hello, i have trouble with fps on Xiaomi MI A3, i put all settings to low but it still run on like 10-15fps when im close to some bigger airport. (Amsterdam, London, L.A.,…) I also try multiple methods how to boost gaming performance on xiaomi mobiles but nothing help too much. Thanks for any answers.

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he already answered about the graphics

Oh sorry didn’t see that😅

Maybe try to restart the app or device?

Not an expert on Xiaomi’s

your device is amongst the low end one. So it might lag around big airports and specially when there’s a lot of aircraft.

I would suggest to bring your live count to low, and the amount of 3D objects to low.

Always do a fresh restart before starting a flight

If this is happening on the ground, see what happens if you turn everything to low.
If this is happening in the air, there is apparently a bug with the skylight rendering that kills FPS. See if it gets better at all if you go to normal view and point camera at the ground.

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FPS around a big busy airport is likely to be a little rough. There are lots of objects, and especially if there are a lot of players on the ground, you’ll likely notice a significant drop in performace, more so on a low end device.

Aside from the afformentioned suggestions to lower your aircraft count and such, there isnt much to be done. The developers are currently looking into performance issues since the removal of rendering quality, so we will have to see if that has an impact.

Aside from that, you cant magically boost performance on an android device without getting into the kernel level, so I wouldn’t really recommend whatever you read online…

FPS is being discussed and tracked here:

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