FPS issues on android Galaxy s8+

Hi there,

I’m currently experiencing frame rate issues on my galaxy s8+. I’ve already tried to set my settings on low, but it wont increase the frame rate. Also, the ‘limit fps to safe battery’ is turned off.

I hope this will be fixed, thank you.


I’ve read about some people having issues similar to this after the recent update, most were resolved by a reinstallation of the app. Have you tried that?

I will check it out, thanks!

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Unfortunatelly, it didnt work

You deleted, downloaded again and tried in 6 minutes? Impressive ;)

It would be great if you could record the issue and post so we can see it. Is it with any aircraft or a specific one?


Live or Solo?

If Live, does it happen around other planes?


I have tried multiple planes and none of them give more or less fps

Both , haven’t played with planes around me. When I fly in Antartica for example, I get same frame rate when flying in the Netherlands.

I fixed it! It was my screen resolution that caused issues. When I changed it from WQHD+ to HD+, I got instantly 60fps with no issues.