FPS drops when looking up in the sky


I am experiencing a FPS drop to 15 when looking in the sky. FPS goes up if I look down.

Also, I was flying from Frankfurt airport this morning and the FPS during taxi is 15-16. Is it normal. I am on a Samsung Galaxy S20 - Training server.


Widely acknowledged issue.


From Cameron:

Thank you. I have always limited it to 30

And the problem only happen with left or right wing view

Hi, I think the device processor performance is the main issue. I have a device with a similar release date timeframe and I believe similar graphics processing speed.

The drop in FPS you describe I can pretty much reproduce, and I believe it is graphics processing bottlenecks that build up more noticeably on slower devices, often during certain viewing conditions when the graphics load increases.

Thank you @adit

I am planning to upgrade my phone for a Galaxy S23. Do you think it is a decent phone for IF and I will experience better FPS ?

I don’t feel I’m the most informed person to answer new device questions. It might be better to ask someone like @Dan_77 in relation to:

But considering what I can surmise, I can’t see how that wouldn’t show a big improvement.

S23 would definitely be a good upgrade, but it’s also worth pointing out that a phone like the S20 shouldn’t be struggling like this. My Pixel 4 gets better FPS than this, and is older.

There seems to be an issue that’s affecting some android devices quite badly at the moment. Dropping the rendering resolution can make a massive difference to performance.

Hopefully, project vulkan/ metal should fix some of this, but it’s unknown how long until this is out. We’ll keep trying to reproduce and solve it, but obviously there’s no guarantee.

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Thank you all !

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I notice that with left or right wing view, if i look up fps drops. However, with outside view fps do not drop if i look up.

Why is that ?


I would just be speculating, but from certain view perspectives, the algorithm may be able to logically filter out a lot of polygon rendering complexity.

For example, when external to the aircraft it’s possible many internal detail geometries are dispensed with, resulting in lower processor workload. And up vs down viewing might result in similar logical branching to save on polygon rendering load when a simple rule can dispense with what’s not critically necessary for the current view.

For other situations there might be external scenery rending issues that are affected by view distance and buffering, but I’m even more handwavy about understanding the particulars of that.

I figured that by just putting Rendering Resolution to low and keeping everything high fixes the issue.

Low Rendering Resolution does not really affect user experience in the flight. The only drawback is thay when landing at night you dobt see lots of runway lights. So maybe turn it to Medium just before landing could be a solution

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