FPS dropping looking upside above FL083

I’ve been playing this sim since i had a iPad 3, back in time. Now i have a Redmi Note 11. It’s not a weak phone when It comes to processing Power and stuff. But even, i’m constantly experiencing FPS drop to 5 or lower when trespassing a certain altitude, and worse, when looking up to the sky. I’m not a free user, I do pay for the Premium access, and I’m feeling like I’m having prejudice here. I love this sim, but it’s not playable, even on my LOWEST settings of graphics… I need help.

How much storage do you have left in your device?

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Check your connection? Are you connected to the global server?

I have plenty of storage (brand new phone) and I’m surely connected (why wouldn’t I be connected on a major online game???)

Are you only seeing an FPS drop when either flying or in the sky or is there an FPS drop at other demanding points such as being at a large 3D airport, being around a large number of other players or both?

Above 8000ft, and it gets worse when looking to the sky above.

I don’t find any other issue on fps at 3d airports, nor in high demanded areas, such as mountains…

Anyone? Cmon!

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