FPS Drop

Uninstalled the app and reinstalled to clear everything and I had my settings all medium before with Anti aliasing On and got 30fps - now I have the same settings after the reinstall and only get 17-20fps - I don’t understand how to improve without changing settings to low :/

Try restarting your device. After that you could perform a factory reset. Make sure to backup anything that you need up though.

I’ve restarted various times - I can’t factory reset as I don’t want to lose everything! I’ll just grin and bare!

As I said, you can back everything up. This means you can still have everything and choose what you want to be deleted

I’ll see what I can do! See if I can hard restart and everything and see if it improves! It was fine before I reinstalled it!

What device and software are you using?

Can you give us some details about your device? Model, software & version etc?

What screen are you measuring your FPS? Removing the mini-map will increase the FPS. Make sure you compared the same screen on both so it is a pure apples to apples comparison.

iPad mini 2 16gb (irrelevant but 10.5gb available)
iOS 11.0.3
I’ve measure it on solo mode and live with and without mini map and get a slight improvement.

I’ll keep trying to play with it and see what happens - I spawned at a new area I’d never played in so that’s probably why! Thanks for all your advice and sorry to be a pain!

Your device is slowly beginning to age and cannot drive the display on the iPad leader to a lower frame rate. A newer device can offer better frame rates. My iPhone 6 can run it at around 52-56 fps.

Yeah I understand that! I’ll just grin and bare with it for now! Hopefully will be able to get a more up to date device (I have an iPhone 7 but don’t want to put it on there) and install it - if not it’ll be fine as it is!