FPS drop in flight

Hello, good morning everyone!
Today I’m here to ask for help with my Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S it is having a lot of FPS drops with everything on Medium and at the airports I let it slow down to have more FPS the processor and the Sanpdragon 720G I already ran heavier things on it only thing that did not turn cool it was the Infinite flight he and 4 gb of ram and even so it still gets too hot on flights of 3:30 he uses 100% up to 15% of personal battery that you optimize before the B757 and A333 update why if not have a way to simulate … I tested the previous generation Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 with Snapdragon 665 if I’m not mistaken and with 4gb of ram it ran cool without falling in the B77W cabin ran cool at 60FPS agr on my Redmi Note 9S n enters not even in the right cabin is 5,7,8,9,3 FPS all the time for no reason … People that you OPTIMIZE the IF for this processor and this Cell Phone

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Hey @if.minas! As you mention at the end optimization may be the only way to fix this. I would ask though do you perhaps have any sort of background processes or something like that that is on the newer phone and not the old one? On paper the 720G should outperform a 665, and the Adreno 618 in the 9s should beat the 610 in the 8 all else seems more or less the same so your certainly right in saying this is an unexpected result.

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Hello, good afternoon! No, I leave everything closed, only the infinite flight is open and nothing else

I have the same device, what graphic configuration do you use?

Is it an old android?

no, uses android 10

Hello good afternoon! He is currently on Android 10.0 with MIUI 12

Hello good afternoon! the same problem with you I use at the lowest possible settings and even then the FPS drops

I can use it with graphics at most without AA. there are some FPS drops when I’m at a very busy airport

really the way and optimize a lot in the infinite flight this processor because it is not possible a smartphone with so much technology and intermediate in this way almost top of the line losing performance in this simulator easy easy

mine doesn’t even arrive in the Boeing 777 family’s cabin, which is already locking a lot and the battery going in 5 minutes uses 15% on a 5000mah smartphone

have you tried to clear the cache?

now with the arrival of rework of the B757 and A333 it will get even worse without optimization

there is no use lacking optimization because I leave everything clean with nothing running together with the if I clear cache everything I try everything to free up ram memory in advance it only gets worse and sometimes I enter an airport it takes a long time to enter and when the game closes without no reason

if anyone can let the moderators know I am very grateful

do you use Game Turbo?

yes i use it more also when i deactivated i Game Turbo didn’t change anything it just started to take time to be able to enter the gate in large and full airports