FPS DROP frequently

Does anyone knows why does my fps drop to 10 when i reach certain altitude and when i descend the fps increase to become normal. I tried different ways to prevent but there’s no use.
Device Motorola g52
Android 12

Do you have Infinite Flight’s Low Power Mode turned on?

If so, this might be what you are seeing as Low Power Mode decreases the FPS in order to reduce the load on your device.


No i haven’t turned on lower power mod , the issue is when i look to skies fps drop soo hard but when to ground it’s completely okay

Just to confirm - this option is NOT checked, correct?

I am double checking as what you are describing fits the description of this feature perfectly, as @BennyBoy_Alpha mentioned.

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I haven’t turned on


This is vexing…

You say the FPS is lower when the camera is pointed at the sky (which is odd because logically it would be the other way around).

I have 1 more idea…in the graphics settings…do you have the frame rate set to 30fps or 60fps?

Frame rate is set 30 fps

Has this issue occurred on multiple flights or on just one flight so far?

Every flights i had has this issue ,but during replay its totally okay

Okay, now I’m stumped…

@tunamkol do you have any ideas?

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No clue at all. The logic doesn’t make sense to me. Have fun trying to sort it out! 😂


Seb! We need help…

Wow, I’m stumped, it’s strange because like Ben said you would think it would be the other way round… I guess try restarting the device? It most likely won’t work but it might do something, who knows?!?
Aside from this, yeah we definitely need seb haha

I certainly consider this to be a logical guess:

But I would go right away to testing if you can reproduce what the OP says. Which is what I did. And in fact I get the same result. I tested it in external view: 30fps or so when looking level or down, and as I pan toward the sky it progressively drops off to around 10fps.

That’s all I have so far. And I don’t yet have a plausible reason for this.


I think this problem is known. I see several reports of 10 fps.

only with certain users, not a prob for me.

Yea same for me. you are from India right . Is it only for the players from India cause of some server issues?

This happens to me too, I have a iPhone 13 pro and the same thing occurs randomly in online mode, it usually drops them all the way down to 10 FPS and then when I move my camera is goes back to 60 for a bit and then back down, No I do not have automatic low power enabled either.

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What’s your graphics? Everything High?

Yeah, in the distance there is a white line and as soon as that white line dissapears the FPS drops.