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Good morning everyone!

I’ve been using FPLtoIF (Simbrief) for quite a long time to plan my flights. However I’ve noticed something that intrigues me.

When I enter my cargo weight as well as the number of the passengers, and all the rest so that I can make my flight plan, in the flight details of that flight plan, the number of passengers and my cargo weight aren’t the ones I had put. It however has never caused me any trouble so far as, strangely, the fuel weight always gets me to destination without any problem.

Is this normal? Is this occurring to everyone, or have I been doing something wrong for all this time?

Thanks in advance for your help!


Yes it happens to me, my cargo sometimes reduces to zero, or a very low number. It’s very weird. I’ve never been able to understand it. And like you said, the fuel is always good enough to get there. I think it’s just a thing with FPLtoIF.

Although the passengers might be rather annoyed to not have their baggage upon arrival.


It happens to me too. I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong in particular I think it’s just a little quirk of FPLtoIF. It’s a tad annoying but I just adjust the weights of pax and cargo to my own liking and ignore the given figures because of this.

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It’s so annoying, 757 is one example when I put around 1000 on cargo weight and I get 0 cargo weight and 225 pax everytime, it’s nothing between.

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Yep i finished flight just right now and happened to me too but what i do i just put normal passengers and normal amount of cargo! As it would be weird to have 100 passengers with no cargo lol!!

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I like to add also with the block fuel, when FPL come through, with est FT, i usually put FT as a calculation for the block fuel, not what’s calculated by Fpltoif. It’s more apparent when flying long haul.
Example 12hrs FT = 12 hrs worth of fuel
As you get lighter the fuel burn get more efficient and end up around 1.5-2.5 hrs left, rather than 4 hrs as calculated.

It’s annoying, it’s not perfect by any way just simply apply common sense, when doing the calculations.
And I always use %load and AGL of airport as a guide for take off speed

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