FPLtoIF waypoint data outdated

Is the list of waypoints on FPLtoIF really outdated compared to IF (especially in China)? I used FPLtoIF to convert a PEK-THR flight plan earlier for FNF, and a lot of points came up as coordinates. I decided to put the waypoint name to each coordinate to see if they are in IF, and most of them were.

I’ve had this issue before in the U.S, Is this the issue that you have rogue waypoints?

I believe the ARAC cycle is wrong for that route, by default it is ARAC 1904
and that route is probly not valid for that route. thus, the flight plan goes crazy

No, if you had read it, you would see that many of the existing waypoints are being replaced by coordinates. I’m not one to give a techincal answer, but I would recommend messaging @Chris_S with any FPLtoIF related questions.

FPLtoIF makes the flight plans through Simbrief, and Simbrief uses an outdated cycle unless you connect your Simbrief account to a Navigraph account at which point you will get updated navigation data for airways, fixes, etc. So if you want the latest data you have to connect a navigraph account if I’m not mistaken.

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I have navigraph
And BTW, this has nothing to do with outdated simbrief. This has to do with FPLtoIF using an outdated version of IF’s waypoint database.

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Ah okay, I understand. Sorry, your original post confused me a tad. Seems somewhat strange that Chris hasn’t switched to just using the real world database when cross-referencing the data in between Infinite Flight and Simbrief. now considering that’s now usable with Infinite Flight.

Its been a while since I imported IFs nav data so will do that sometime in the future.


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