Hello community. Today I come with a question. Recently I have been making my flight plans with FPLtoIF with the Simbrief option. I was wondering if it was possible to make my flight plan using Simbrief and then enter it into FPLtoIF so it can make it accurate for IF?


I’m pretty sure you would use the simbrief classic option and paste the link in there.

From FPLtoIF

  1. Go to SimBrief and file your flight plan.
  2. Click on “Generate OFP”
  3. Scroll down to the bottom where the downloadable plans are.
  4. The last entry says “XML Dataset” Copy the file name that it shows.
    For example KDFWKATL_XML_1515298418.xml
  5. Paste the file name in the box above and press the button.
  6. Your plan will be analyzed. VS and distance will be calculated. If a waypoint is not in IF, the GPS coordinates will be generated.
  7. At the very bottom is the FPL to copy into Infinite Flight.

Thank you, I have figured this out. This can be closed

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