FPLtoIF Simbrief no longer working

Hey guys,
I’m coming back to IF after a long break and I’m trying to make a flightplan using FPLtoIF but it’s no longer working. When I finish filling out the information it takes me to simbrief and then loads a flight plan but when it takes me back to FPLtoIF it doesn’t load the flightplan onto there. Does anyone know a fix or something else I can use?

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You can create the flight plan on sim brief and then use the sim brief classic

In my case, when I do it from my PC or from my cell phone it works. Try to create the Flight Plan by PC, else you can find Fp in Flight Plan Database.

Hope this can help you

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I had a similar issue and brought it up with Chris. It should work now, what happens if you try again?

The same thing happens.

Isn’t it easier to generate a flightplan directly from simbrief, cutting out an additional step?

I’m pretty sure this has to do with the amount of people using the website rn. As in almost every update, the traffic heavily increases, generating some problems.

It could also be related with the NavBlue update of IF. This means some airspace and procedures of airports from all around the world were updated, so they might be changing some things to add them in fpltoif.

Actually no. Fpltoif sources the fpl directly from simBrief but gives it to you in an easier to understand layout. It is exactly as fast as simBrief itself but is optimized for IF purposes

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