FpltoIF > Simbrief classic not working

Hello, im trying to creat my flight plan but for some reason i get this error, i already restarted my device and cleared browser cache.

Someone else have this problem?

Nope, it’s working just fine for me.

Try going directly with the link: Infinite Flight FPL Converter

If that doesn’t work either you can use flightplandatabase.com

This work for me as well. Simbrief classic is the problem 😬

I have problems with generating FPL too. And the same message pops up

did u select an Aircraft???

Yea, thats not the problem 🙃

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It’s working fine to me

Maybe you’re accidentally deleting a letter or number from the XML datafile

It didn’t work earlier, I had the same problem. However, it works perfectly now.


Hello! It appears the FPLtoIF’s simbrief classic feature is not working again…it’s outputting an “internal sever error”

Any help is appreciated!

I just decided to reply to this topic here because I didn’t feel like creating a new one was needed! 😅

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I restarted the server. As the website says, please PM me directly as I can see it more quickly.

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My apologies! Thanks you for the quick fix though! It is working now 😁