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So for a while now, I have tried to use the FPLtoIF Simbrief classic method of generating my flight plans. However, it recently seems to not be working: whenever I enter in the correct information, I get a blank screen. I do use the Simbrief automatic option, but sometimes, I do not want to use the first flight plan that Simbrief generates. Does anyone have any solutions to this, I would love to be able to use other flight plans available in Simbrief.

Here are some images that better explains what happens:

I enter this into the classic option:

And this is the output I get:

Does anyone have any solutions to this?

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I don’t know, but I experience the same thing!

What simbrief plan url are you using for your classic page?

I am using the xml data file, the one at the bottom of the page

Can you give me the url so I can try things?

Here’s the Simbrief url:

Here’s the FPLtoIF url:

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Just tried & it’s working for me.

I am asking for the XML url from your generated plan.

Is this what your looking for:

Very odd. You may just need to regenerate the flight plan and see if it works that way.

I have tried that, this issue has been persistent for the last month now, none of my flight plans

Ok let me see if I can tell why. Have you tried a different format instead of jbu?

im not familiar with jbu, I haven’t used it to date. Is it compatible with FPLtoIF?

Yes it is, I just used it two seconds ago and had no trouble at all. I always use JBU format (For obvious reasons lol) but it’s always worked and I always use classic as well because I have settings inside SB I want preserved.

Like I said, I am unfortunately not familiar with the JBU format, where would I find it on Simbrief?

In your SimBrief settings there is “OFP format” Default is LIDO. In your xml I saw it was in JBU format which is why I asked. Try changing it to LIDO and see if that changes anything. Otherwise when I get some free time I can debug the plan you gave and see if it is throwing an error. When I made the original simbrief classic it was designed around LIDO format. Depending on what options you pick it may be breaking trying to parse something that is not there.

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That has helped! I was able to generate an FPL using classic. Thanks so much for all the help everyone, really appreciate it!

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