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Hey everybody. So how do I put departure/arrival charts into fpltoif? I want to make my flights as realistic as possible. Thank you!

There should be an option once you have created a flight to insert SID/STAR

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Ok, I will try that. Thank you!

But if you also didn’t know, the FPL you created usually does give you a recommended runway departure and runway arrival along with a SID/STAR

You are using FPLtoIF via simbrief aren’t you?

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Yeah. I think I am.

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Ok, I figured it out. Thanks! Should I always use the recommended SID/STAR @TransportForLife?

It’s recommended, but not necessary. It’s all up to you. They usually recommend the best for fuel savings, and some other stuff.

I would suggest looking your flights up on something such as FlightAware & compare them to the SIDs/STARs on something such as SkyVector. Then determine the correct SID/STAR for your flight, if you want to keep as much realism as possible.

Not necessarily. You can use the SID/STAR you saw the real flight following often if you want or the most scenic one, depending on your preferences/motivation.

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MaxSez: RW Flight Planning! I have nothing but praise and a warm and fuzzy for those who chose to File utilizing RW Plates. SID/STARS procedures kinda do the Departure and Arrival head work done in my time by the seat of the paints, a wiz wheel and a folded paper chart.
Unfortunately on IF without airways and there required routing, no Center to cull the heard ect your subject to a FltPlan closure and vectors no matter how you cut it on arrival at a manned up IF aerodrome.
That said, Hold your water real worlders, Future Program iterations appear to suggest an IF airway router fresh wind is blowing.
Regards, All Max


When submitting your plan in fpltoif, be sure you are selecting a runway as this helps with the accuracy of the plans and available SID/STARs.

  • After the plan is returned, click on “ADD SID/STAR”

  • It tells you what SID/STAR it recommends based on the plan but you can select which one you want to use.

  • Select which ones and press “Insert SID/STAR”

Note that most of the time SimBrief will include the SID and STAR for you if you are using correct runways. If you use a random runway that is not normally used you may get different results. Also keep in mind that the STARs will not line you up with the runway. Often times these will get you to a certain point and then vectors take over to get you to the runway. The STAR really helps if you need to enter downwind or such for the approach.

After the plan is generated you may need to move a waypoint or two around or even delete some if needed. Sometimes these SID/STARs have multiple routes so its hard to accomplish using code.


Ok, thanks @Chris_S! This sounds useful for mountainous airports like Aspen.

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