FPLTOIF passenger count (question)

Hi All
I’ve been using fpltoif recently
But when filling in all the details and clicking generate it the passenger count comes back different to what I enter
Eg I enter 120 passengers for the a320
And after I generate it it comes back with a different number like 80 or 135
Any reason why?

Passenger count has always been the same for me. Did you get your passenger count from Simbrief?

If so, was it Simbrief from fpltoif’s page or actual Simbrief.com ?

Well I actually found a link to fpltoif that someone else posted and just clicked on that
But went with the SimBrief version not the other one

I think it has to do with Zero Fuel Weight or something like that. If the journey requires xx amonunt of fuel and xx amount of pax weigh too much, the system will adjust to make the aircraft weight realistic.

Of course I’m not using the correct terminologies, but I’m sure someone will correct me.

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