Fpltoif not workkng with flight aware

When i put in the url of thenflight plan to decode it takes it like kt works but ift dosnt generate the IF fltp plan it just stays blank.

Even when i put in 2 Airport codes to generste a random flt plannit jjst stays blank.

Are you signed in at Flight Aware?

For random flight generator, check your Simbrief settings and make sure the OFP Layout is on the LIDO setting

For the FlightAware URL, make sure it is the exact URL that FPLtoIF wants. They don’t just want the flight info URL, they want a specific flight plan URL. (NOTE: this feature may not work if the flight in question doesn’t have a filed FlightAware FPL. Typically, this is most flights outside of the US or Europe!)

I am signed in to flight aware.

There is a note on the screen indicating something changed on their end. Currently looking into it. No eta.

Also I click on decode for the flight plan and when thst opens I click on the url to copy and paste.

It has always worked until up to about 3 weeks ago. It won’t even show a random flt plane if I just put in the 2 airport codes.

Im also currently having this problem

@Delta23 this was posted above. my suggestion is to copy the flight plan into simbrief and you can use it that way

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I’m having the same problem to with simbrief. Anyone else? Any fix?

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