FPLtoIF not working

Hi! First Happy New Year. I would like to know if I am the only one with this problem. I use FPL in Google Chrome on the pc. When I generate the plan “Simbrief Classic of that” Someone could help me.



This happens from time to time. If you try again later it should work. Work might be being made on the website.


That’s right! Thank you very much @Chris_Wing🙂🤜🤛

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I’ve been having this same problem for the last week

@Chris_Wing pretty sums up what I am thinking.
It happens from time to time, it happened to me several times and normally it’s resolve itself within few hours so keep trying every few hours
If its still problematic, come back here

I’m currently having the same issue.

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It occasionally goes down, seems to be more frequently lately. If you wait like 10-15 minutes, close and re-open the tab, use a different browser, or some combo of the three, it tends to start working again.

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Having the same issue. I can’t load in any flights from simbrief. Flightaware works fine though.

Yeah it’s definitely an issue for everyone.

Screenshot 2021-01-03 at 21.47.46

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Seems to be back up now


For me it’s not working

Lately this happens to me everyday, don’t wanna complain though as I know how hard it is to keep sth. like this running

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Not working for me this morning. Putting in the FPL in the simbrief section, goes to simbrief website and that’s quick, but it’s painstakingly slow getting me the FPL, and now it said internal server error.


Looks like it’s not working again. Got the same internal server error message when I tried making a flight plan.

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It returned to working normally.
Thank you very much for your attention🙂

Glad it is working.