FPLTOIF not working

Hey IF community I have recently had issues with fpltoif.com were it won’t let Generate a random flight. It just refreshes the page and doesn’t let generate a flight plan. Please help! (if this is in the wrong category feel free to move it.)


@Chris_S is the creator of FPLTOIF, try your luck with him.

What were your search parameters? Can you show a screen shot?

Me too! I wanted an A350 flight from KLAX to anywhere with a 3 to 6 hour duration, but it just refreshes the page.

There is probably no suggestions in the system or can’t make one from that airport/time duration


That was my theory as well

Pretty Sure I experienced this myself. It’s probably due to that.

I just registered on fpltoif and it’s refreshing every time I hit the login button

Shaffer, fire the hamster and get a new one baby. 😎

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