FPLtoIF not copying down flight plan into IF

Hey guys, I’m on mobile and I need a little help using FPL. So, I’m trying to do a flight from LFPG-OMDB. I pick my gate and I open up FPLtoIF in safari, and I do the stuff you need to put in and I click copy flight plan and it doesn’t copy it on IF.

You have to paste it into the search bar in the game. :)


Oh really. Then I guess that’s why it’s not working.

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I’ll try that and tell you if it doesn’t work

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It should work as the way Taipei guru said :)

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@TaipeiGuru how do I paste it into IF?

Press Copy Flight Plan, go back to IF, hold down on the search bar, and click Paste.

open the map, paste it into the search bar at top right corner

Oh ok thank you

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